cosmetic Tattoo | lips


Cosmetic Tattoo procedures for your lips can give you the kissable lips you have always wanted. There are a few options for enhancing your look and at On Point Cosmetic Tattoo Studio we specialise in them all.

Lip Tattoo Liner - defines your natural lip line to create a more symmetrical look for your lips.

Lip Blend/Tinting - gives you a lusciously full and glamorous pout to enhance natural beauty.

Colours used for tinting range from soft and subtle to bold and bright. We will consult with you and find the colour that suits your features and natural skin tones for stunning results.
On Point Cosmetic Tattoo studio is committed to offering excellent service that is safe and effective. Our trained and licensed tattoo artist has been in the industry for many years, and provides every client with a high level of care and accuracy when performing cosmetic tattoo procedures.