Cosmetic tattoo | eyeliner


Enhance the shape and colour of your eyes with cosmetic tattoo eyeliner. Tattooed eyeliner can be as bold or as subtle as you choose and can give your eyes definition and depth. Imagine having that perfect winged look every single day.

There are different types of eyeliner tattoo services available;

Lash Enhancement - involves adding pigment along the lash line, for a subtle and natural look.

Eyeliner - involves pigment being applied above the lash line. This technique is for a bolder look that frames the eye, much like applying liquid eyeliner.

Designer Liner - For those wanting to have a flawlessly bold look every day. This technique is much like the Eyeliner applied above the lash line. This style can be applied to create a thick liner look, as well as a winged or stardust look.
There are many benefits to getting cosmetic tattooed eyeliner:

Have flawless eyeliner everyday without smudging or running.

You can give your eyes some definition to make them stand out and be noticed.

You can have permanent eyeliner tattoo added even if you have allergies to most conventional makeup brands.

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