Questions about cosmetic tattoo


If you have questions about cosmetic tattoos take a look through our FAQ. We have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions we get asked but if you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to bring them to our attention. Give us a call or send over a message and we will be happy to get back to you shortly.
Q: Are cosmetic tattoos permanent?
A: Cosmetic tattoos are often called “permanent” because they will stay on the skin and cannot be washed away or removed. However, all tattoos are prone to fading over time so your colour may not stay the same shade over several years. You can have your cosmetic tattoos touched up in order to maintain the pigments you desire.
Q: Does getting a cosmetic tattoo hurt?
Q: Are cosmetic tattoos safe?
Q: Help! I don’t like the colour I chose!

General Instructions for All treatments:

Before care - avoid taking blood thinning medication (asprin) or fish oil 7 days before procedure. - unless prescribed by doctor.

Do not wear make up on area being tattooed on the day of.

Eyeliner and eyebrow - do not tint eyelashes or eyebrows 48 hours prior to the session. Do not wet them 24 hours before

Eyeliner - day of procedure no content lenses - no fake eyelashes. Delicate or sensitive skin is susceptible to puffiness, redness and swelling

Lip treatment - if you have had cold sores or mouth ulcers, it is essential to contact your GP prior to treatment. Lip Tattoo Treatment may aggravate this condition and cause an outbreak. Your GP must provide you with a script for Anti-Viral medication (this may include Valtarex, Famvir or Zovirax) which is to be taken prior to your appointment. L-Lyseine tablets are also beneficial.

Please exfoliate by brushing your lips gently with a toothbrush 1 day prior to the appointment. it stimulates the blood flow and will improve collagen in the lips. The aim is to improve recovery from any side effects of your treatment. Apply moisturiser to your lips prior to the appointment to keep them hydrated.